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PAPIS Management


Tame your management at your finger tips. The PAPIS App brings you closer to your management and your PAPIS 6×6.

The PAPIS App is designed to get you on the road while maximizing your capabilities. Think of it as your personal driving assistant to make sure you are safe, and efficient while driving your PAPIS 6×6. With added functions you will now be able to make U-turns like you’ve never done before. Lock your rear steering to position your PAPIS 6×6 exactly where you want to. Air up or air down the truck, steer the rear and create the perfect ride. PAPIS is designed to shine on the road, offroading, and even when you park.

Driving Modes

Set your driving mode for the ultimate expience to get you in and out of any sitation.

Keep your rear wheels straight and aligned while driving.

Drive like a crab. The rear tires will adjust accordingly to your front wheels. Providing the ability to drive diagonally and manuver around any objects in small spaces.

The ultimate turning capability. As you turn your steering wheel your rear tires will counter steer and help you make the tightest turn possible.

Air Suspension Management

PAPIS 6×6’s can be ordered with air ride. What better way to adjust your suspension from an app. Manage your air springs independently, by axle, or the entirely. Get live pressure readings between what is available in your reserve tank to how much pressure is in each bag throughout the vehicle.

Need more air? With the smart system, you can set the perfect onboard air pressure for any situation.

Air Accessory Management

Whether you choose to have ARB lockers, train horns, or any air driven accessories the PAPIS App will allow you to control and monitor these with no additional switches or controls.

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