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Super Duty Rear Traction Bars

Rear Traction Bars prevent axle wrap under heavy loads, could be from acceleration or from towing, but they minimize the axle wrap caused by the leaf spring suspension design. Our Traction bars are CNC cut and welded out of 3/16″ steel plate. The bracket on the frame is made out of 1/4″ steel plate allowing maximum load transfer to the chassis.

Our rear bracket makes use of the factory style lower u bolt bracket and retains the u bolts facing down for maximum clamping pressure.

The bracket also comes with the mounting point 3″ forward of the axle centerline to still allow for dynamic suspension travel. This allows close to stock ride quality and not the stiffness a conventional set of race style rear traction bars creates.

The Traction bar kits comes complete with your choice of aluminum machined layovers or mirrored stainless layovers inside and out and even layovers on the frame bracket!

These are the same exact traction bars that we use in our larger 4 link cradle kits. So if you ever upgrade down the line we can still reuse these!

(Note please let us know or message us if you wanted to change to the stiffer option Race Truck only application)



Year Range

05-16, 17-23


Machined Aluminum, Mirrored Stainless


Crew-Cab Short Bed, Crew-Cab Long Bed

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